About Me


Born in 1988 and raised in Sunny California. I fell in love with drawing the moment I picked up a crayon, and have known I wanted to pursue a career as an animator ever since I watched "Beauty and the Beast" and was moved by the depth of emotion that could be portrayed in animation.

I graduated  from the Art Institute of Los Angeles with a Bachelors Degree in Animation/Media Arts. There I worked on a couple of Animated Short projects doing animation, character designing, and storyboarding.

Currently I am working as an artist for Konami Digital Entertainment, San Mateo Branch in Norcal. I create assets, design and animate characters and special effects, illustrate, and design UI and layout for their social and app games.

I am also known on various websites under the name "Youkai Yume", where I post most of my more hobby-oriented artwork and comics.

I hope to continue to grow and learn in this field and to keep being able to tell stories through my art.

I am also at...