Here is where you'll find samples of some of my Flash Animated work. Scroll down!

Neopets Treasure Keepers

 The following are some animations for game assets and characters for NTK

Play the Game: Neopets Treasure Keepers on Facebook


Enemy Attack Animations

  Additional Enemies


 Petpet (Meowclops)


 Animated Items and Game assets.

Island Paradise

The following are flash animation samples made for the game "Island Paradise"

Play the game here: Island Paradise on Facebook

 Japanese Crane


 Thresher Shark


Magical Narwhal


Tiger Pet

 Crepe Thanksgiving Turkey Animal


Additional Animal/Pet Animations

 Props and various assets.

Twilight Carnival

various assets

Salmon Thief!

A hungry cat tries to get away after having stolen a meal from a Viking Princess and her pet dragon.


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